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Finally, permanent eye color change ceased to be a dream and became a reality. Thanks to eye color change surgery, your brown eyes can turn into hazel, green, gray, or blue. First, we will learn how to change eye color. Undoubtedly, eye color change requires professionalism. The experience and reliability of your doctor are very important. Moreover, when making permanent eye color changes, you need to achieve this with confidence. you can find out the eye color change surgery cost. In summary, here we will find the answer to the question of why the laser eye color change procedure is the best. In the final analysis, we will inform you about eye color changing drops.

Can you Change your eyes color without surgery?

Currently, the most effective and safest way to change eye color permanently is the “laser eye color change” method. The cost of eye color change surgery is different in each country or clinic. Therefore, we cannot give you an exact figure. As we mentioned above, the most important parts of the job are experience and safety

Can you change your eye color?


Frequently Asked Questions

How to change your eye color safely? Can eyes change color? Do eye color changing drops really work? Best Laser Eye Color Change Costs

First of all, we have to say that the safest and perfect way to change your eye color is using the lumineyes method. Lumineyes method started to be studied years ago in America and Turkey on similar dates. The safe and effective way of Lumineyes, developed by Dr.Mete, has been accepted as the only safe way to change eye color for about 13 years. Besides these, you can change your eye color in the form of keratopigmentation and iris implants, but only with surgery. .

basically the answer to this question is both yes and no. Because you need to have a healthy eye structure, appropriate age and a healthy body. If you meet these conditions, it will be decided that you can change your eye color after the evaluation of your doctor. If everything is perfect, there is no reason not to change your eye color.

A laser is used that targets the melanin cells in the iris by using a different wavelength and does not harm the surrounding tissues. Certainly, this laser can only be used by a very experienced ophthalmologist. Moreover, this job cannot be done correctly with laser alone. We know that there are sensitive points that are not yet explained by Dr.Mete. .Unfortunately, the transactions made by copying both deteriorate the health of people and no results can be obtained.

First of all, you need to know that you will not get any results from methods such as food, drops or kinesis. On the contrary, you will get negative results with some of these methods. Although eye color shows slight changes in the following years, this is not significant. As a result, the only way to change your eye color naturally for now is the Lumineyes laser method. Briefly, in this method, some of the existing natural cells are eliminated while some are changed.

To summarize, changing eye color can be done with the following methods. Some of them will not give any results as we mentioned.
1- laser eye color changing (lumineyes)
2-keratopigmentation surgery
3-iris implant surgery
4-eye color changing foods
5-drops that change eye color ( eye color changing drops )
6-age-related eye color change
7-eye color change due to eye diseases
8-eye color change due to sun rays
9-eye color change depending on pupil size,
We can summarize as.

first of all, you should research a clinic and doctor who has been doing this job for many years before changing eye color. Stay away from clinics with no experience. Besides, pay attention to places where there are unlicensed people. Research and find your doctor personally, only he can give you the real information. After doing these researches well before the eye color change, you will have to follow your doctor’s instructions to the letter after the eye color change process. Remember, this is not a simple procedure and you should refrain from risking your health. As I have noted before, do not rely on false and false information on the internet.

Another key point is the risks of eye color change. These procedures performed by inexperienced people will cause many eye problems. Especially surgical eye color change procedures cause dozens of serious complications and side effects. laser can only give results safely and effectively if it is done by the master of the job.

To give a general price;
1- laser eye color change: a cost between 4500-15 euros
2-corneal tattoo or kerato-pigmentation: 8000-40000 euro (may cause 2nd surgeries)
3- iris implant surgery: 9000 euro-60000 euro (many revision surgeries will be required and your health will be seriously deteriorated)

The places in the world that make the eye color change process correct and safe are as follows;
For laser eye color change (lumineyes):
1-Turkey/Istanbul is only one center, the creator of this process in the world.
2-Spain/Barcelona (1 center)
Other eye color changing methods:
These procedures are performed in France and the United States, but we do not recommend these methods to you due to their side effects, aesthetic appearance and risks.

In summary, there are only 2 doctors in the world who can provide professional and quality service to change your eye color.


Permanent Eye Color Change Surgery

First of all, you need to have suitable conditions for permanent eye color change. You will undergo a deep examination before the eye color change surgery. Unfortunately, we may not be able to take you to this treatment in rare cases. With a laser eye color change procedure, your eye color will be permanently changed. For best costs effective laser eye color change surgery prices we are close to you.
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Eye Color Change Surgery Cost

Please consult us about eye color change cost. Moreover, with the support of Mylumineyes, which has been providing you with the highest quality service for 14 years.

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How to Change your eye color by best method ?

Of course, we will tell you how to change the color of your eyes in the safest way.

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Donna C
Donna C
College Student
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I'm really happy. I spent tons of money to change my eye color with eye color changing drops before, but it didn't work. Thanks to Dr.Mete, I had colored eyes in 1 year.
Clarine Jones
Clarine Jones
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I did not believe that the eye color had changed. Moreover, I thought it was risky. I was afraid, frankly. I dared and tried the Mylumineyes method. My eyes were light brown, I got green eyes in 3 months. It's amazing!
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My eyes were quite dark. When I looked in the mirror, I thought it was scary. I used contact lenses all the time. My eyes were very tired and it was not realistic. I decided to go to Turkey for laser eye color change, because dr.mete was there. My treatment continues, I don't have those dark eyes that used to be. It opens. I recommend it.
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