Change Eye Color – Can eyes change color? how to change eye color ?

Change Eye Color – Can eyes change color? How to change eye color ?

It is not possible for the eyes to change color permanently by themselves. As we get older, there may be a slight change due to the changes in the cornea (arcus senilis), the development of cataracts. Since the sclera layer is thin in babies, the eyes may look close to blue in the first years. Color change can also be observed in traumatized eyes. These changes are partial and mild. In summary, let\’s list the options we have for eye color changing. Firstly, artificial colored contact lenses. Secondly, eye color changing drops. Thirdly, eye color change surgery (keratopigmentation-iris implant). Fourthly, laser eye color change. Can eyes change color? Definitely yes. but, with the help of an instrument. But how can you change the color of your eyes safely and effectively ?

It\’s possible to change your eye color without surgery!

It\’s exciting to explore ways to enhance the color of your eyes without undergoing surgery! It\’s possible that there are non-surgical methods to change the color of your eyes! We have a laser that can change the color of your eyes to a new shade by using a unique wavelength. The Mylumine 8G+ laser is a cutting-edge technology that can reduce or remove the top melanin pigment layer of the iris, resulting in a change in eye color. If the initial meeting goes well and your specific needs are eligible for receiving treatment, you will receive 1-2 minutely laser shots. MyLumineyes® is an amazing option that can change the color of your eyes without the need for surgery. Dr. Mustafa Mete is the certified expert who can perform this procedure with great success.

Yes, it is possible for eyes to change color!

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Your child\’s eyes have the potential to change color. It\’s amazing to think that many newborns are born with blue eyes, and as they grow and develop, their eye color will change to something unique and beautiful.
It\’s amazing how their irises can be determined by their first birthday in most cases! It\’s amazing how our pupils dilate to let more light in when we\’re in dimly lit surroundings! Although the pupil is obscured from view, the color of the eye still appears to be visible. It\’s amazing how our irises can react to intense emotions by widening and contracting. This has led to the misconception that the color of a person\’s eyes can indicate their state of mind.

It\’s rare, but some health conditions changing the color of your eyes. The \”lumineyes laser\” is an exciting new technology that has the potential to safely and naturally change the color of your eyes. It\’s great that people are interested in changing their eye color to green eye color, even though brown is already most common color. Having colored eyes is a truly impressive feature to have! It\’s great to see that many people are excited about the possibility of changing their eye color with the help of the lumineyes laser and Dr. Mete.

The Lumineyes process is a safe and effective way to change your eye color without surgery!

Lumineyes offers a natural and non-surgical option for changing eye color through laser technology. The Lumineyes laser eye color change procedure is a great option for those who want to change their eye color without undergoing surgery. Great news! You have one way to change your eye color!

The use of a laser during eye color change surgery is a great way to reduce the risks that may be associated with the procedure. That\’s great! Lumineyes is a fantastic method and having a personalized version means it can be tailored specifically to your needs. That\’s amazing! It\’s made using a specialized laser! Dr. Mustafa Mete has successfully created it! Dr. Mete has successfully developed this procedure in several countries. This method is innovative and employs a diverse range of algorithms, which sets it apart from the traditional lumineyes approach. The end result is highly successful, satisfying, and safe. This method is completely safe and free from any surgical risks.

The MYLumineyes® laser operation involves a thorough examination of the eye\’s structure and characteristics, as well as its visual acuity and pigment arrangement, to create a personalized treatment plan and map. By taking necessary measures, we can ensure the safety and well-being of the general population. The MYLumineyes® technique has shown promising results in the limited research conducted so far, and our consultants are skilled in utilizing it effectively. The new Lumineyes are definitely an improvement over the original version, as they are more reliable, efficient, and stress-free. There are many ways to enhance the natural beauty of your eyes!

It\’s possible that your eyes are naturally changing color in Mylumineyes Turkey clinic, which can be a unique and exciting experience!

It\’s possible to change eye color through surgical intervention. Taking a professional approach is essential and will lead to success. Fortunately, there are some skilled doctors who are capable of performing this procedure in real life. Excitingly, there are constantly new websites emerging that claim to be able to change a person\’s eye color using a laser! In the last several decades, businesses and clinics have emerged that promote themselves as providers of laser treatment. These incidents can be a great mental exercise! It\’s amazing how the color of our eyes can change over time! Great question!

You can easily change your eye color by using color contacts!

Although contact lenses have some drawbacks such as not providing a natural eye color and causing dry eyes, allergies, infections, and corneal problems, they are still a great option for many people to improve their vision.

Colored lenses not only add an interesting touch to your eyewear, but they also serve an important purpose by filtering light. This not only enhances your vision but also protects your eyes from harmful ultraviolet rays. Colored contact lenses are a great way to enhance or alter the natural appearance of the iris! You have a wide variety of lens types and color options to choose from, allowing you to achieve the perfect overall appearance.

Have you ever imagined how amazing you would look with green or blue eyes when you look in the mirror? Using colored contact lenses is a great way to have fun while changing your look, and the process is incredibly easy! With so many different alternatives available, it\’s exciting to find the perfect pair of shoes! We are excited to present to you the definitive guide to colored contact lenses! This guide will provide you with accurate information to help you make an informed decision.

Translucent colored contact lenses offer a fun and exciting way to enhance your look and experiment with different eye colors.

They can help you achieve a bold and unique style that is sure to turn heads. To stand out from the crowd, try using bright colors like blue, green, or violet! They can be the perfect complement to any outfit. Our violet contact lenses are perfect to enhance your wicked witch costume, and our misty grey lenses can help you achieve the spooky look of ghostly eyes.

Freshlook Dimensions, also known as improved tinted lenses, could be a great choice for you if you\’re looking for a subtle change. These lenses enhance your natural eye color, making them a great option for a subtle transformation. It\’s great to know that color enhancers work best for people with naturally light eyes, as the enhancer\’s subtle tint won\’t be noticeable on those with darker eyes. Great news! Gray or amber lenses are excellent choices for driving. Gray is a great choice for settings that are bright, hazy, and sunny! Amber is a great option for days that are rainy or gloomy.
It\’s unlikely that foods can cause changes in eye color, but there are many factors that can influence the appearance of your eyes.

Lenses are a fun way to change our eye color, although they may have some minor drawbacks. Great news! We have received a question from one of our loyal readers and we are excited to address it.

Are foods help to change eye color naturally?

It\’s exciting to explore the possibility of changing the color of our eyes to blue through the foods we eat! There\’s always a way maybe you think. It\’s amazing to know that melanin is the pigment responsible for giving brown eyes their beautiful color! If the melanin is removed from their bodies, their color could potentially change to blue!
It\’s great to know that there is no evidence to suggest that any drink or food can change the color of your iris, which is the beautiful and unique part of your eye. It\’s great to be cautious when someone tries to sell you a product that claims to change your eye color. Remember to always be aware of potential scams and protect yourself from any illegal activity. You can save your money and protect your eyesight by avoiding such risks.There is no scientific evidence to support the claim that honey can change the color of your eyes.

However, honey is a delicious and healthy natural sweetener that can be enjoyed in many different ways.

It\’s great to see that honey has become a major trend in recent years, which beekeepers are sure to enjoy seeing in action. Although some people still propagate the urban legend, we can focus on the positive impact of honey and its growing popularity.

It\’s exciting to think that honey contains an enzyme that can catalyze the production of hydrogen peroxide through a reaction with water. It\’s great that you\’re exploring different options! However, it\’s important to remember that spraying hydrogen peroxide directly into your eyes can be dangerous. Let\’s keep looking for safer alternatives.
It\’s possible that the peroxide created from honey may not be strong enough to bleach your hair or affect the melanocytes in your iris, even when following the instructions of this urban legend.

It\’s great to hear that honey is an effective wound therapy due to its intrinsic antibacterial characteristics, rather than just its potential to transform into peroxide. Although there is a risk of a bacterium or virus infecting the hive, it is important to remember that beekeepers have various methods to prevent and manage such situations. With proper care and attention, the colony can thrive and continue to produce honey. Fortunately, there are many other effective options for wound treatment that are safe and readily available. It\’s great to know that mixing water with honey produces a solution of peroxide that is strong enough to be sold in a pharmacy. However, it\’s important to note that honey should not be applied to the eyes.

Colored contact lenses

Pros :

  • being easily accessible.\"can-eyes-change-color-keratopigmentation-laser\"
  • does not cause major problems in short-term use.
  • provide temporary color change


  • they do not give natural color
  • aesthetically weak
  • high cost in the long run
  • Additionally, it is not very healthy for the eyes in long-term use.
  • risk of infection, dry eye etc.

Eye color change surgery

In fact, this has different pros and cons depending on which method it is done. If we briefly touch on these surgical methods:
1- Iris implants

2- Keratopigmentation

Iris implants :


  • You can decide which color you want.


  • It certainly carries huge risks.
  • None of the types of implants used today are safe.
  • You will definitely have to remove it and you will have another risky surgery.
  • it is expensive.

Keratopigmentation ( corneal tattoo )


  • It is safer than implants.
  • Corneal tattooing is a method that has been used for other purposes since ancient times.
  • Color selection can be made.

Cons :

  • aesthetic appearance is not good.
  • Basically, includes surgery.
  • The risks are much higher than laser.
  • It can reduce vision by creating a curvature of the cornea.
  • It has a more artificial appearance than contact lenses.




Laser Eye Color Change

Pros :

  • It\’s not a type of surgery to change eye color.
  • The risks are very low with the mylumineyes technique.
  • Provides permanent color change.
  • Surely, it is natural.
  • As can be seen, aesthetically unrivaled.
  • The procedure is very comfortable and convenient.
  • It is the gold standard for eye color change.
  • 14 years of experience.


  • You cannot choose the color.
  • Can\’t guarantee color change for everyone.
  • The cost is high in dark eyes mostly.

When we consider all the residual and negative aspects, the undisputed method is the laser. Moreover, it is both safe and effective with the specially developed Mylumineyes method.

The iris, which has a distinctive black ring around it, is the central component of the eye. It\’s amazing that it has muscles that can contract and expand to maintain a consistent size! It\’s amazing how the pupil can adapt to different light conditions! When exposed to intense light, it contracts to protect the eye, and when in low light, it expands to let in more light. It\’s amazing how the dilation or expansion of the pupil can alter the appearance of our eye color!

This creates the illusion that the eye is deeper and more intense than its true color. It\’s exciting to know that its response to different emotions and states of mind can be quite diverse. It is great to see that there are regulations in place to prevent products, such as food or drops, from making false claims about their ability to convert. It\’s great to know that the color of your eyes can still change to some extent as you age!

There are various methods available for subluminal eye color change that can be explored.

It\’s great that so many people have an active imagination and enjoy exploring different ideas, including this one .Subliminals are a powerful tool that can help you achieve your goals by playing positive affirmations in the background. These thoughts can positively influence your subconscious and are based on the belief that if you convince yourself that you already have the eye color you desire, you may be able to acquire it.

I appreciate your honesty, and I believe that with some effort, we can find a way to make your message sound more genuine and unique. Dr. Mustafa Mete notes that there are many beliefs out there, including the idea that medications or diet can change eye color. It\’s great to see that Dr. Mustafa Mete has made significant progress in changing eye color with laser, which is a remarkable achievement. It\’s exciting to think about how this could potentially be a viable alternative to surgical procedures like keratopigmentation or iris implantation. Highlights that there are several potential opportunities.

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