Change Eye Color - Can eyes change color? How to change eye color ?

It is not possible for the eyes to change color permanently by themselves. As we get older, there may be a slight change due to the changes in the cornea (arcus senilis), the development of cataracts. Since the sclera layer is thin in babies, the eyes may look close to blue in the first years. Color change can also be observed in traumatized eyes. These changes are partial and mild. In summary, let’s list the options we have for eye color changing. Firstly, artificial colored contact lenses. Secondly, eye color changing drops. Thirdly, eye color change surgery (keratopigmentation-iris implant). Fourthly, laser eye color change. Can eyes change color? Definitely yes. but, with the help of an instrument. But how can you change the color of your eyes safely and effectively ?

Colored contact lenses

Pros :

  • being easily accessible.can-eyes-change-color-keratopigmentation-laser
  • does not cause major problems in short-term use.
  • provide temporary color change


  • they do not give natural color
  • aesthetically weak
  • high cost in the long run
  • Additionally, it is not very healthy for the eyes in long-term use.
  • risk of infection, dry eye etc.

Eye color change surgery

In fact, this has different pros and cons depending on which method it is done. If we briefly touch on these surgical methods:
1- Iris implants

2- Keratopigmentation

Iris implants :


  • You can decide which color you want.


  • It certainly carries huge risks.
  • None of the types of implants used today are safe.
  • You will definitely have to remove it and you will have another risky surgery.
  • it is expensive.

Keratopigmentation ( corneal tattoo )


  • It is safer than implants.
  • Corneal tattooing is a method that has been used for other purposes since ancient times.
  • Color selection can be made.

Cons :

  • aesthetic appearance is not good.
  • Basically, includes surgery.
  • The risks are much higher than laser.
  • It can reduce vision by creating a curvature of the cornea.
  • It has a more artificial appearance than contact lenses.


Laser Eye Color Change

Pros :

  • It’s not surgery.
  • The risks are very low with the mylumineyes technique.
  • Provides permanent color change.
  • Surely, it is natural.
  • As can be seen, aesthetically unrivaled.
  • The procedure is very comfortable and convenient.
  • It is the gold standard for eye color change.
  • 14 years of experience.


  • You cannot choose the color.
  • Can’t guarantee color change for everyone.
  • The cost is high in dark eyes mostly.

When we consider all the residual and negative aspects, the undisputed method is the laser. Moreover, it is both safe and effective with the specially developed Mylumineyes method.

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