Can you Change your eye color? Eye Color Change Surgery

Can you change your eye color? Eye Color Changing Surgery

\"canCan you change your eye color? Of course you can change it. How will you change your eyees color? As I explained before, there are many methods. But the safest and best among eye color change surgery is the laser eye color change procedure. The determining factor for the color of the eyes is the density of melanin pigments. In short, the less pigment you have, the lighter your eye color will be. Due to intense pigmentation, the stroma layer in the front causes the eye to appear dark. With the world\’s first safe laser eye color changing procedure called Mylumineyes, the stroma layer is intervened in. As I mentioned above, the purpose here is to reduce the pigment density.
The unique laser used in the Mylumineyes method only works by targeting melanin cells. That is, it is selective and does not cause damage to other cells. This means that the mylumineyes method is unrivaled. For this reason, we make eye color changes with the mylumineyes method.

Can you change your eye color safely?

Patient safety can be defined as the prevention of errors and negative effects on service users associated with health care. While universal healthcare has become more effective, it has also become more complex, as new technologies, meds, and therapies are becoming more widely used. The eye is the most sensitive organ in our body. It definitely deserves special attention. For this reason, eye interventions require a special professionalism. Undoubtedly, eye color change surgery has a very special place among them. While the answer to the question, \”Can you change your eye color?\” is yes, the real question is whether it can be done really safely. Here, our two biggest leverages are the 8G laser and the mylumineyes technique.
The term \”health and safety\” is commonly used to refer to Occupational Health and Safety, which is concerned with the prevention of injuries and illnesses among employees and those who may be impacted by their employment.

What is Eye Color Change Surgery ?

\"eyeIn short, as the name suggests, eye color change surgery is the process of changing eye color using a surgical method. So this is not a laser method, it is a group of surgeries. There is no surgery or operation in the laser process. Of course, there are numerous advantages brought by this. As I mentioned before, the gold standard is the undisputed laser procedure.

How will you know whether you\’re a good candidate for changing your eyes color?

If you have the following conditions, you are not a suitable candidate for this procedure.

  1. if you have severe cataracts in your eyes
  2. if you have diabetes disease
  3. have rheumatic diseases
  4. If you have had an iris implant before
  5. if you have a corneal insufficiency
  6. if you have any retinal disease
  7. Behçet\’s disease or similar inflammatory diseases
  8. if you are using antipsychotic medication
  9. if you have high expectations

Who are the best candidates to change your eye color?

  1. those with medium to light brown eyes
  2. people with good eye health
  3. if you have a patient personality
  4. someone in the family with colored eyes
  5. if you take care of your body health
  6. if you have a positive personality


Of course, we seem to hear you say if there was an easier way, but unfortunately other ways, such as varied meals, eye color changing drops, and subliminal techniques, are ineffective.

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