Is It Possible To change Your Eye Color Without Surgery?

Is It Possible To change Your Eye Color Without Surgery?

It\’s a typical concern to wonder what the expense would be to change your eye color naturally. The costs associated with this treatment are equally baffling. Implants and keratopigmentation may be used to artificially change eye color. Laser Eye Color Change is your sole choice if you wish to change your eye color without going through any artificial means. The laser used by Mylumineyes is a low-temperature, non-destructive reduction. That\’s how colors of brown fade away. The outcome is a bluish-greenish or grayish hue.

The \”eye color change procedure\” may be accomplished in many distinct ways. There are essentially three ways to do this. Keratopigmentation, laser surgery, iris implantation, The goal is to achieve a change in coloration, for as from brown to green, blue, gray, or another tone. The outcomes of the three approaches will be extremely different. The \”laser eye color change\” procedure is the only one that claims to be non-surgical while yet producing natural results. Therefore, the \”Mylumineyes Laser Procedure\” restores your eyes\’ normal appearance. Inadvertently, some people will judge you to be fake. Not only will this artificiality surpass that of contact lenses, but it will go beyond them.


Non-surgical techniques include laser eye color change only. keratopigmentation, and iris implants are surgical procedures. You might recall that we compared these three tactics. Aside from laser eye color change, the other two ensure an unnatural appearance. Both treatments are surgical. The threats are significantly greater. In the eye, there has been an intervention. In addition, a foreign body is implanted in both of their eyes.

We\’d Like To Explain The Difference Between Eye Color Changing Surgeries 

  1. Color change with laser
  2. Keratopigmentation
  3. implant surgery

Cost Of Corneal Tattooing Or Keratopigmentation To Change Eye Color

A femtosecond laser is used for keratopigmentation. This operation consists of two major phases. To begin, a tunnel is carved out of the cornea. And second, this passageway is injected with a colored material. Tattooing the cornea produces a long-lasting color change. In reality, people with corneal opacities or anomalies that damage their appearance have been using corneal tattooing for quite some time. Unfortunately, keratopigmentation laser surgery is a very invasive procedure with several potential side effects. Kerato-pigmentation typically costs between 5000 and 12000 uero. In fact, after considering the benefits and risks, we believe that this approach may be further refined.

  • Keratopigmentation Do Not change the Eye\’s Natural Pigments 
  • In fact, it creates a misleading impression

You should keep in mind that the \”mylumineyes laser eye color change process\” employs a perfectly natural technique.

How does a laser work to change eye color?

We also take care not to harm your eyes throughout the laser procedure, and you won\’t feel any discomfort. After around 2 minutes, you may go back to doing whatever you were doing before. As a rule of thumb, this therapy should be administered over the course of 5–7 days. You don\’t need to do anything special before the laser procedure, but you will need to take your prescriptions afterward. In eyes of Grades 1-2, the lightening may be seen immediately, while in eyes of deeper tones, it may take many days or weeks. However, you won\’t see the full effect for another three to six months.

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